søndag 22. november 2009


The black coat with the fur collar, I found at a fleamarket in Oslo, and the black sparkling dress is from a vintage boutique in Venice. Soon you can buy it all at my vintage webshop: www.elegantly-waisted.com

torsdag 19. november 2009


I forgot completely to post this when I was I NY during Fashionweek this fall-I just have to put it up now up. This is the most beautiful amazing blazer ever, that I got at Intermix on Bleecker from McQ. Its the perfect classic blazer with a twist-that so will last forever, and if it had not been for the lousy cold weather I would have worn it all the time! But I will take it out for a spin this weekend-I cant wait actually!


Photo: Ellen Von Umwerth/Art + Commerce

Nothing is more fabulous than getting dressed up for the races! Anyone going sometime soon?


This is my new addition to my Acne family! LOVES!

tirsdag 17. november 2009


I just loooove the new Alexa bag from Mulberry! You know you are HOT when someone names a bag after you when you are only 26. In true Kelly/Hermes style Alexa Chung was wearing an old Mulberry mens briefcase when out and about-and thats how they got inspired to make a cool feminine version with straps as their new must have bag of the season!


Photo: Creatures of Comfort

I can never get enough of stripy numbers. Get this Tee from Alexander Wang at LA based Creatures of Comfort

mandag 16. november 2009


Hot, even in September, I miss the sun and NYC!

Tshirt + bag/Acne
Skirt + sunnies/Vintage


Beautifulthings: www.net-a-porter.com

If you are planning on going to the beach sometime soon-this could be a few of the things in the suitcase. I miss lazy summer days, the ocean breeze, the smell of sunscreen on warm skin...the sun being so bright your eyes hurt...even if it seems very dark and could now-
it will get warm and sunny in like 6months or so...

søndag 15. november 2009


Love what she is wearing-Acne shoes and jeans

lørdag 14. november 2009


I just love VeronicabVallenes collection Mystery of Sophistication SS/10. I Just want it all. Its so fresh, modern, sexy and sophisticated.

The Norwegian designer is based in Copenhagen-and being closer to the continent really shows in her recent collection. It is elegant and simple but also very accessible-dont you just wanna wear it all and then know you are going to look oh-so-fabulous?!

Photographer//Thomas Skou
Styling //Anne Stine Bae
Make-up and Hair //-Evelina Mühling
Model //Marie Raft, Scoopmodels


It was quite a fashion frenzy downtown at the pre launch of Jimmy Choo last night. Crazy enough Iwas standing first in line-to get hold of these hot leather tights. Not exactly the Helmut Lang pricey version at$850, that is so soft and feels like buttercream against the skin-but its good enough for me. But when it comes to all the bags and Choos I just have to go for the real deal.

fredag 13. november 2009


Tonights the night! Preview of the Jimmy Choo Collection for H&M.
I want the leather tights and maybe the bag-what do you want?

Photos: www.hm.com

Tights/$199 //Bag/$99//Belt/$59//Shoes/$149//

mandag 9. november 2009


Photo//Ragnar Hartvig
Styling & Makeup//Jeanette Hoff
Hair Allessandro Filippi/TFM

This is the one of the fashionstories from Venice, shot in the early morning at Piazza San Marco.
In HENNE#13 out now!

onsdag 4. november 2009


Every autumn always reminds me of London, the dark, the traffic lights, the cold apartments and all that tea to keep warm, then I miss all the buzz and inspiration but most of all the great fashion and art exhibitions. Guy Bourdin was an huge inspiration for me years ago and still is...I have kept these postcards on my fridge...from the exhibition "Guy Bourdin (2003)" at either the Barbican or National Portrait Gallery.

I love his photographs, so sexy and elegant but also a bit quirky and dramatic.

mandag 2. november 2009


Have dressing up become more casual? And are the perfect dress the ultimate party outfit?

Stella McCartney

Going to a birthday this weekend suddenly most off all the girls were wearing a dress with heels. Mostly appreciated I must say, and it seems like there really is not too much of an effort to dress up anymore. Everyone does it-and flunking your sequined bright colored dress, or your tasseled tight mini has become the new going out code. What ever happend to the "partytop"?

When I was younger we always talked about "the perfect party top" a cheap shiny bright colored lycra top slung over a pair of skinny jeans was the easy way to look hot in a flash. Now, no one hardly ever talks about "party tops", and who would dear to wear a pair of jeans with a shiny top when going out? If wearing jeans out-you would rather tone it down with a loose t-shirt or a white tank and some sexy killer heels, but never ever together with a sparkling top in a bright color, feminine silk blouse or silk camisole. (Those are for leather skirts or relaxed pants).

Dresses are the new tops-looking at my own wardrobe I have more than 30 different dresses (and no "partytops") that can all be worn more or less during the day as well as nights. Its seems easier to find a versatile party dress and for some reason it is also easier to quickly get dressed, in a dress. Tights (thick black or thin dotted): Check. High heels (boots or pumps but always heels): Check. Done. Slung over your fake or real fur and you will be as chic as ever, boring you might say or that you will get tired of the new dress so easily-just make sure you have enough different accessories to create different looks for your one party dress this season. Some interesting pieces below from matchesfashion.com and brownsfashion.com.


Philip Lim


This would be perfect for all my nights out. LOVES!