tirsdag 29. juli 2008

All my outfits #4, Frogner -Oslo

Back in Oslo, taking my dog Mee for a walk. Its summertime and I am loving it!!

Top/American Apparel (LA)
Sandals/La Prairie des Paris (Magic moment!! It was LOVE)
Bag/Miu Miu (old faithful)
Hat/H&M (on sale three years ago)
Shades/YSL (these replaced the Michael Kors I had, shade classic happening-they were killed by the weight of my body...)

fredag 25. juli 2008

Model`s ink -and how I got my own STARS

Belt/80s from my mum
Bag/Vintage Bally (Tonica)
Shoes/Henrik Vibskov

In this months Vogue-you can read about how body art no longer is only for the subversive or the criminal. Models like Kate Moss, Frey Beha Erichsen, Lily Donaldson, Carolyn Murphy, Gisele Bundchen, Christy Turlington, Daria Werbowy and Naomi Cambell have all got their tattoos.

So when I recently got my second one myself this summer in LA, (at LA Ink), I must say I felt a little bit like a fashion/trend victim-when I read in Vogue that everyone has got one-and its totally acceptable-tattoos have become mainstream. But saying that- my inspiration for my tattoo (also mention in this article), was Sienna Millers three stars that she has on her right shoulder. I saw her showing it off on the cover of Julys Elle-and thought: I would like to have what shes got-so when the first one was slightly longer considered, even if I now cant remember why I settled for a dolphin-the second one was more spontaneous-and nearly as easy as getting another designer handbag. How come getting a tattoo that last for life has become so carefree and easy to do? So where do you have yours-and have you gotten your second one as well?

source: Vogue

photo: Elle

tirsdag 22. juli 2008

YSL style

I have needed new glasses since the pair I bought from Emporio Armani in 1999-why me of all people never have invested in a fresh new pair-I never really figured out-but last week-I went and bought myself these beautiful pair of glasses. If Kate Moss looks good in these ( I dont care if she has been airbrushed) some of it has to rub off on me, when wearing them-for the next 10years :)

mandag 21. juli 2008

HENNE #11 out now!

In HENNE magazine this month I have styled and done makeup on the relaxed and very summery boyfriend/girlfriend-ish fashion story "Helt fri".

Check it out!!

Styling & makeup/Jeanette
Model/Juliane & Ulrik

lørdag 19. juli 2008

#9 Cosmopolitan out now!

In this months Norwegian Cosmopolitan, I have styled the fashion story with beautiful cutie Hanneli.

Office chic!

Photo: Johs

søndag 13. juli 2008

Kristian Aadnevik Fall 2008

Norwegian designer Kristian Aadnevik from the beautiful town of Bergen, is mentioned in the August issue of ELLEs Runway Edit as the one to watch, rising talent and set to become one of the big-name designers of tomorrow. (He was also mentioned on style.com earlier this springs amongs one of the up and comers that are to gifted to ignore, and listed as this seasons (Fall) ten most promising new talents.) He was a Milan Fashion Week debut this season, and he has also become Donatellas new protege.

Magnificent dresses that are both angelic and gothic, with raven-black feathers and chiffon contrasting with tightly structured leather and metal bodices. "Every collection is like a film-starring the heroines I dress. The stories change, but my muse remains the same: she is still the protagonist who evolves and explore life" Kristian says.

Kristian, you have come a long way since we worked together stocking the racks at H&M in Bergen-congrats! You are fantastic!!.


Source: British ELLE, photo: www.style.com

lørdag 12. juli 2008

Shady business!


Cheap shorts & shades in Studio City

Red shades only $10

Pink shorts at $7/both from Crossroads (Like Oxfam or Salvation Army, cheap but with some odd pieces if you have the patient to look and look and look trough all the synthetics and vile patterns).

fredag 11. juli 2008

All my outfits #3-shopping at Wilshire Blvd

Dress/American Vintage
Shoes/YSL Rive Gauche

This dress was only $38, I love when you can get something as beautiful as this so cheap. The shoes has been featured before-but is stil as gorgous as ever.

Getting dressed at Saks Fifth Avenue-Beverly Hills

Blouse & trousers/Oscar de la Renta
-very preppy-but oh so beautiful. The silk on the blouse and the trousers were amazing!

-very woman, very Gucci, and like the rest of the selected collection at Saks, all very horse- inspired.

tirsdag 8. juli 2008

American Vintage on Hollywood Blvd

This dress was only 25dollar!!-I love it :) !

mandag 7. juli 2008

All my outfits #2 -out and about in LA

On a red carpet moment I forget to hold in my stomach-the top is slightly see-through, and the bright trousers just a little too low for my own good. Nice tan!

Top/ Acne
Jeans/Cheap Monday (loves the color)
Belt/mums old from the 80s
Shoes/ Vintage YSL Rive Gauche (INAs in NY)
Bag/ Miu Miu (Madison Av moment)

Betsy Johnsons prom dresses on Melrose

Prom dresses in all colors and fabrics. Pretty-but I cant work it. Too short, looking too cheap? The white is good, but it is something about 50s dresses that just looks sh*t. The black one is nice-but I dont look "all that". It was buy one-get one free- but I was not too tempted to buy into the Prom Queen festive on Betsys flagship on Melrose.


"Welcome to California-where the sun always shines", LAX (insanely long cue to get through the border-nearly fell asleep-after a 10hour flight and in such a need of a cigarette. Hollywood-stars, weird touristy shops, vintage shopping, and tattoo shops and a whiff of old glamor. Beverly Hills-nice area, Melrose-designershops, to many hours at Betsy "prom queen" Johnson-an amazing french/italian bakery, cool boutique Creature of Comfort-where I bought the most amazing shoes ever.

Malibu-with its nice beaches, Santa Monica-highstreet shopping and good restaurant and the Apple store-where i FINALLY got my IPOD. Venice beach-surfers, still henna tattoos, Jamaican style stuff, and other cheap things, Sunset-rib steak at Saddle Ranch-the one Sex & City girls go to when in LA, Pacific Palisades- freeways and beaches- all these places it sounds like a listing of the 90s series!.
Then we saw lots of precious old art at The Getty Villa, what a house, so many sculptures, and fantastic food at the restaurant.

At Universal Studios we had a cosy tour-and a very scary Mummy ride-iiiiiiiik, highways, cars-yes I have been driving, pools-cooling, when working on that tan. Been out at Republic + Lounge, seen skinny Angelina and cute James McAvoy in killer action movie WANTED. Watched the beautiful sunset at San Vincente, and went horseback riding in the Topango mountains.

Los Angeles is so much what you expect it to be-with the distance and all the driving, but with the sunshine, relaxed atmosphere and nice people-its so much to see and I think I have done well in only a week. Very different from NY-but ever so much more fun and charming than I thought it would be :).

søndag 6. juli 2008


Photos: www.copenhagenfashionweek.com

The beautiful scenery of Oslo/Norway has been
chosen for being the
place to open the second concept store from Danish designer Henrik

Rumor has it, that Mr. Vibskov was about to open up a store in Berlin
or New York or Amsterdam, but against all jetsetters' guesses you will
find him in OSLO/NORWAY the 1st of August 4pm.

Be there!

Tollbugate 15 A/B
0152 Oslo

Opening hours :
Monday - Friday 11 - 19
Saturday 11 - 17
Sunday Closed


Vero Moda Vintage,

New collection from Danish Vero Moda, check out the stores in August!