tirsdag 30. mars 2010


This will be my last entry on this site-because finally I have launched www.elegantly-waisted.com my own vintage webshop!

So follow the new blog here: www.elegantly-waisted.com/blog

fredag 26. februar 2010


I have been looking for a cool, gorgeous and practical bag for ages. A bag you can wear when out with the dog, at work, in a meeting, or going out-all rolled into one. But why is it so hard to find one bag that has it all?

Look no further: My new Zadig & Voltaire Small Tabas Touly is all I ever wanted and more.

For daytime or work-it fits even a Mac (that I also want asap), documents and a magazine.

Running around with the dog, or with shopping bags-you have both your hands free! Amazing!
Remove the straps-and you have the perfect clutch for great evenings out. LOVES!

More fashion and bags: http://www.zadig-et-voltaire.com

tirsdag 16. februar 2010


Check out our denim story in this months HENNE #03

Photo/ Baard Lunde/baardlunde.com
Styling/Jeanette Hoff/jeanettehoff.com
Makeup/Ingrid Bruvik

lørdag 30. januar 2010

torsdag 28. januar 2010


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Lory from Mildh Press + stylist Rubi.

fredag 22. januar 2010


I promise to get a new camera, for some reason-I always get hassled because I tend to post shitty images of people-and thats no reputation for a blogger is it? And its so strange, because you all look so beautiful! Most Acne people and friends:

Lena & Geraldine/Acne

Jeanette/Stylist & Hans/Acne

Hege/Acne & DanJo/Mulberry

Hans/Acne & Hanneli/blogger

Monica & Henriette/Acne


Diesel Thomas & Lill Helen

Kaia/Writer & Baard/Photographer


I Love the new Alexa bag on Pia!!! And her really old boots, that she customized with some black ribbon-to make them all hot and new!

And my outfit today was planned around the beautiful Bayswater Clutch-I can just eat it up-its so yummi! So it was perfect when I found my new cheap vintage 80s leopard printed trousers to go perfectly with it! Yeah! Also notice DanJos cool Givenchy boots.

tirsdag 19. januar 2010


Tomorrow you can see the AW NINA JAREBRINK show at Månefisken at 20:00

These are some of the AW2010 look book images shot in an old mansion nearby Ninas hometown in Sweden last year. This Ninas best collection so far-so you can all look forward to some really beautiful pieces SEE YOU THERE!

Photo/Goncalo Claro
Styling & makeup/Jeanette Hoff
Hair/Desiree T35

mandag 18. januar 2010


This story is in German KINKY MAGAZINE


" Ein traumhaft schönes Editorial voller Bewegung, in dem der Fotograf die neuen Kollektionen skandinavischer Labels wie BZR, Acne, Malene Birger, Tina H und Stine Goya ins rechte Licht rückt.

Hier die Namen, bei denen wir uns für dieses sinnlich-pastellene Editorial bedanken:

Photography : Einar Aslaksen
Styling : Jeanette Hoff
Makeup and hair : Annette Elvhaug
Model : Yvonne /Team Models
Photography assistant : Ingrid Melby"


fredag 15. januar 2010

Alexa + Pia = sant

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