fredag 26. februar 2010


I have been looking for a cool, gorgeous and practical bag for ages. A bag you can wear when out with the dog, at work, in a meeting, or going out-all rolled into one. But why is it so hard to find one bag that has it all?

Look no further: My new Zadig & Voltaire Small Tabas Touly is all I ever wanted and more.

For daytime or work-it fits even a Mac (that I also want asap), documents and a magazine.

Running around with the dog, or with shopping bags-you have both your hands free! Amazing!
Remove the straps-and you have the perfect clutch for great evenings out. LOVES!

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2 kommentarer:

HSG/Iso sa...

Oh! I liked this! Did you buy two, maybe?

piahaugseth sa...

Its a TWOfer!!!
I love it!!! Very cool like the cool girl you are!!