tirsdag 30. juni 2009

V magazine + Kate Moss

Sold out in all of NYC-but lucky me, I got hold of my favorite swimwear cover of Kate in Bergen! LOVES!

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lørdag 27. juni 2009


Jeanette topp Acne, Skirt Zara, shoes Won Hundred
& Hans, shirt Commes des Garcons + YSL shorts



Ingrid/Stylist, dress Zara

Christine/Kry & Stine

Feet me "Balmain" og Won Hundred

mandag 22. juni 2009

dejlig dansk sommer

Nytt nummer ute nå! Helt magisk ;)

Animal Farm

I came across these cute fashion illustrations at
www.theselby.com one of my new blog-favorites!!

For animal & fashion lovers :)

torsdag 18. juni 2009

Santa Cruise

Before you know it-spring is way over-summers long gone and we are nearly finished with fall-along comes next seasons RESORT Collection. Or "Cruise Collection"-previous known as a jetset thing-for the rich and fabulous-but now-everyone is going far far away in their winterbreaks-with kaftans from Matthew, bikinis from McQueen and beautiful dresses from Stella McCartney.
It is all about those lightweight fabrics-non creasing, easy to wear day and night, and those classics that you can combine and make a lot of different outfits over and over again. Or you can put all those floaty light weight silkdresses in your suitcase and just wait until these pretty summer days are over.
We hit fall with heavy rain, out comes the cold cold winter, and layers and layers of snow-and then you can get out your dusted suitcase and show off all your fabulous "cruise/resort clothes" in your fake tan laying on the beach once again in the hot December sun!.

When I am going away this christmas-I want my suitcase stuffed with all off Alber Elbaz beautiful Lanvin RESORT collection. Beautiful clothes=wild times: Acapulco here I come!


I feel pink today..

...what color are you?

I am doing research for my wardrobe to keep all my clothes in-when I came a cross this "creative styling image" cute or what?? :)

onsdag 17. juni 2009

Hey Jimmy!

(Photo: Magnus Magnusson/HM).
Tamara Mellon, model wearing designs and Margareta van den Bosc@HM

Its official! and it will be the talk of the fashion world today-H&M is teaming up with luxurious Jimmy Choo for their next collaboration! And every fashionista know their Jimmys or Choos-(bags/shoes) so if you can not afford the real stuff-you can always save up until 14th of November 2009.

As well as the bags and shoes-this time Jimmy Choo will also launch their own clothing line exclusivly for H&M as well as bags and shoes for MEN.

(Photo: Magnus Magnusson/HM).
Sexy hot Choos!

This is a smart move for Tamara Mellon founder of Jimmy Choo-and even if you team up with the highstreet-I think it is priceless the amount of free press your label will get-with such a worldwide collaboration. I also believe that its good for Jimmy Choo-because with all the new accessorize labels/and more established designers offering bags/shoes-Jimmy Choo maybe starring in Sex in the city years ago-but for many girls today-it is not the coolest, hottest bag/shoe in town-its glamorous and sexy-but that doesnt always go together with stylish and cool...

It is also an interesting move from H&Ms-to bring in someone in that one didnt exactly expect, as well as mixing the high glamor shoes with the highstreet clothes-that has become one of the modern ways of showing style uniqueness-and with the bags-shoes and new line of clothing-this can become quite interesting, but also-yeah its cheaper-its design for less-but sometime the real stuff always taste a little better..

At the same time I miss a more low key approach to design from H&M point of view, like supporting smaller labels-and up and coming designers, like the ones you can get at Top Shop Unique. Sometimes more interesting-and much more in tune and ahead of the fashiontimes...

tirsdag 16. juni 2009

All my outfits #33 @Vika

Shorts/Earnest Sewn cut-offs
Bag/still the Paris one

Got the latest and last copies off Lòfficiel, London-Paris and beautiful danish COVER

Streetstyle #24 Erica @Vika

Love Ericas chic bohemian style, with a mix of elegant vintage and favorite classics

Dress & Gilet/Vintage
Shades/Marc Jacobs

Fab Pia in ELLE

LOVES LOVES the Gucci outfit!!!

Read about fabulous Pia in this months ELLE!

søndag 14. juni 2009

All my outfits #32 @The Royal Palace Oslo

Bag/From Paris
Tee/From New York
Jacket/H&M (from 2006)

lørdag 13. juni 2009

All my outfits #31 @Operaen

Me and Mee


fredag 12. juni 2009

All my outfits #30 @Vika Terrasse

Trousers/Acne (new favorites ...)
Body/Inwear (perfekt shirt, no need to tuck it in!)
Pumps/Henrik Vibskov (from the copenhagen store@my first visit there)
Jacket/Doma (I got it!-and love it to bits)
Byswater Clutch/Mulberry-LOVES LOVES LOVES

onsdag 10. juni 2009

Rock me@Central Park shoot

Photo/Baard Lunde
Styling/Jeanette Hoff
Hair & makeup/Agnes Marie

Today we did the classic Central Park shoot,but with a quirky rock`n roll twist. Texture, and patterns, black, sequins and statement jewelry and shoes. It all looked sexy and vibrant with a touch of that kookiness that makes it oh-so cool. The girl of today was fantastic-she has done stories for Italian Vogue and Numero-Darla you made our day!

Agnes, Baard, Darla and Rubie

Checking the details before the third shot
Love this cardigan

Close up

All that fluffy hair

Having fun!

The fab crew in the Park

Me and my muse

mandag 8. juni 2009

The ones that got away

It was 40% off at most things in the Philip Lim store, such a shame that you cant shop until you drop..

I wish I could have this bright yellow top and this blue skirt..

-and this amazing white dress, its just so perfect..

Its a beautiful day

Soho in NYC is nothing like SOHO in London-I love this area, the buzz, shops, galleries, restaurants and the beautiful people. Take me here anytime :)

Well groomed, pretty, beautiful dressed casual cool girlfriends

Off West Broadway with its pink streets-does a girl need more?

Uptown in downtown/Soho shoot

Photo: Baard
Hair & makup/Agnes

Shooting in hip Soho-it was all about bright colors and texture-quite simple and sophisticated, inspired by the Marc Jacobs collection, this was feminine, cute and elegant.

Agnes with the brush-on pretty Telma

Sporting my new CHANEL sandals-on sale, but still not cheap...

Baard paparazzi style hiding behind the bushes

Get this purple suit from www.elegantly-waisted.com

Makeup artist turned photographer-its so fab these days

søndag 7. juni 2009

All I want..

I saw this display at the window of Henri Bendel

-intrigued by these photographs, I found out they are showing at Steven Kasher Gallery in Chelsea,
and are by british fashion photograper Miles Aldridge on until June 20th.

www.milesaldridge.com (love his biography slideshow!)

Big city girl!

From the cozy West Village where we stayed to cool Soho-nothing beats the craziness of Times Squarewith lights and billboards and 5th Avenue in all is touristy shopping glory.

5th shoppingmania avenue

There is a big Sephora on Times Square

Sky high